Q: Is my child too young to start music lessons?

A: Every child is different. Some kids take to music very well at a young age. Our lessons are available in four-week groups and the only way to gauge if your child is ready is to try it for the four weeks. Our instructors will give you an honest evaluation of your child's progress. 

Q: Does my child need to have their own instrument?

A: Practice is everything in being able to learn an instrument so it is ideal that one can practice throughout the week at home. 

Q: Are you currently hiring instructors, or receptionists?

A: We are always accepting applications from instructors, and receptionists. We keep them on file for times when positions are open. Both applications are available for download on the media page. 

Q: Do you offer Gift Certificates?

A: We do offer gift certificates in any increment you desire. 

Q: Can I sit in on my child's lesson?

A: Absolutely! You are welcome to sit in on your child's lessons anytime that you would like. Our studios also have windows on all of the doors if you would like to observe the lessons without being in the room. The safety of our clients is the first priority at Andy's School of Music, it has been since day one, and always will be. Our clients comfort, and security means everything to us. 

Q: Do you offer hour-long lessons?

A: Our lessons are available in half an hour sessions, it is entirely up to the client how many sessions they choose to book. When a client ever asks whether or not they would benefit from an hour weekly lessons, we will give an honest opinion. Some students do benefit from an hour-long lesson, others are kept busy with the material they are given in a half an hour.

Q: Do you offer group lessons?

A: We do not offer group lessons. No two people learn at the same speed or from the same perspective so by nature having multiple students at once is always going to hold someone back that could otherwise excelling.  

Q: What are your teacher's credentials?

A: Our instructors are chosen for their abilities to meet out clients needs, their knowledge of music, and for their exceptional talents. The teacher's capabilities are what we are most concerned with, how they acquired them is irrelevant. Some of our teachers have music degrees, some do not. You always have to ask yourself what is more important, for someone to have a list of credentials, or for someone to be able to do the job you are paying them to do.

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